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Home automation

From simple projects to the most complex setups, I can guide you in the right direction. Controlling lighting, video surveillance and security, heating and cooling - all these can be achieved with the help of home automation. Where I can help:

  • find the right solution. We work together to determine the goal to solve; then we will use available hardware and software on the market to solve it.
  • help setting your home network; a must when it comes to home automation - getting the right hardware, security, WiFi coverage, remote access.
  • select a reliable vendor, installation, support and maintenance.

data warehousing and reporting

Data warehousing and mining with Business Intelligence tools. A complete solution to help your company manage data at every step: - collection, analyzing and reporting. From setting up SQL and Oracle servers to complex reporting platform and ETL strategies, I have the experience and knowledge to provide proven solutions. How I can help:

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence platform setup; install and configure SQL server among with Analysis, Integration and Reporting Services
  • Software development: advanced TSQL queries among with database setup and configuration i.e. relationships, tables, views, stored procedures, ETL (Extract, Load and Trasnform) through SSIS (Sequel Server Integration Services) and reporting through SSRS (Sequel Server Reporting Services)
  • Healthcare expertise and certification through Epic, Clarity and Crystal Reports
  • Tableau visualizations and dashboards
  • Data collecting and processing - ETL data from any source i.e. flat files, server to server, FTP, JSON, XML and much more.

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computer services

Any computer services for home user - starting with purchase assistance, hardware install and repair, virus removal and cleanup, software installation, home entertainment setup, home networking and much more.

Most of the work can be done form the comfort of your home through remote access technology - no need to schedule a visit or time; just get in touch I can fix most of the problems remotely and in a secure manner.

it consulting

Complete IT support for small business - the IT Professional for business that don't have a dedicated IT staff. How I can help:

  • networking setup and design from switches to servers and networking appliances.
  • security and user management; apply security standards (domain controllers, group policy, security platforms i.e. Symantec) to prevent data loss and integrity
  • virtualization and cloud computing; newer technology that can help small business reduce their operating cost i.e. Amazon, cloud, Office 365.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - work with at every step to prepare and evaluate a solid Backup and Recovery plan for your business.

backup and recovery

Maybe on of the most important aspect of home computing. Using technology nowadays means no paper, no printed photos or DVDs with your memories - so you must take extra care to protect these valuable assets. How I can help:

  • find the correct backup strategy that will work with your own environment; either local through a backup device attached to your PC, or remotely, offsite or in the cloud
  • test and validate your backups regularly
  • Partnership with Backblaze to backup your data to cloud - read more...

online presence and social media

Help getting your business promoted through an online presence: website, e-commerce and online shopping, social media marketing - Facebook, Twitter and more. How I can help:

  • help you create the perfect website whether online shopping platform or just a simple website
  • choose a platform - WordPress vs. Squarespace vs. Winx 
  • Our partnership with a marketing expert can help you promote your business in several channels - digital through social media and ads or in print through a more traditional approach. Contact us if you need a marketing expert to help with your campaign.