RoTrade - IT Consulting

Our work.

Here are some examples from our current and past projects. Some of screen shots are incomplete since we cannot display all the details due to HIPAA regulations, proprietary code and client confidentiality. Contact us and we can arrange a demo.

Key elements:

  • all the code is versioned through software repository i.e. SVN and GitHub so you can easily have access to historical changes that are easy to revert.
  • all our reports are using SQL Stored Procedures instead of writing the query within the actual report. With any change in your report logic then all you have to do is update the Stored Procedure and the report will reflect that; no need for changes within report nor additional deployments.
  • drill downs to different level of details - by clicking anywhere within a report i.e. a bar chart or a cell within a table, an Action URL will call an additional report to display drill downs and more details.
  • visual clues for end users: tool tips and icons for 'Printable Version, Help, Feedback through a Survey, Export to Excel' and more.
  • report security - granular security through either SSRS platform and within the report itself; for example, we may set a report up so a manager can see all departments but an employee can see only his own department.